Battling COVID-19
Help Daily Wage Earners Suffering from Lockdown due to Coronavirus


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125000Families across India





Lives Changed

Covid Relief Work

Our Contribution

Livelihoods of daily wage earners, labourers, slum dwellers have disrupted massively. Maids, Plumbers, House Help, Rickshaw pullers, street-side vendors, labours and many more are hard-hit. Almost all have lost their jobs. Most of them are migrants and are caught completely unprepared and without a source of income and stuck in the city with limited movement. They have very little knowledge and a lot of misinformation about covid-19. Most of the information available on WhatsApp and Media is too technical for them to understand and lots of rumours and panic among them and they are also spreading rumours to others.

We are providing basic ration bags containing Wheat flour, Rice, Sugar, Dal, cooking Oil, Salt and Sanitizer and Soaps per bag for each such family. One packet keeps family off the streets for a month. Currently we are working in Maharashtra and Delhi.

Corona Awareness

These slum dwellers use public toilets and live in compact sheds. On an average one toilet is used by 150 people. We will give awareness & correct knowledge about Corona Virus, how it spreads and the must precautions they should take and how they can make sure they don’t get this disease. We also tell them Do’s and Don’ts based on their living conditions. We also teach them self-assessment as they have lot of confusion. it’s raining here and most of them have normal cough as well and these people are getting confused with the symptoms.

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Post Awareness Support

For Post Awareness Support and to stay connected with these people for entire project duration we will setup a 24×7 helpline number where they can call and message and ask their questions and clear their doubts and take help. This helpline will do proactive calls and connect with people in slums to understand if they need more help and aware them about help provided by the Govt. of India and connect them to various help centres or Govt. hospitals if there is a need.