Comic Book – Moon Time

Moon Time

This book is an attempt to break cycle of myths and misconceptions related to menstruation and educate readers that menstruation is as natural process as breathing is. Menstruation is not impure instead it’s life giving.

We named our book “MoonTime”, as it’s the most positive word for Menstruation, it represents the power of birth & the power of life.

This book has become a very powerful tool for our young girls who are just keeping their steps in puberty or already reached that age about Menstrual health and hygiene. Various renowned national and international doctors have contributed to this book and it’s not only popular in India but now we are also getting demand from various other countries.

Must read for Girls of age 8-18 years

  • Girls, mostly hear negative and outdated information riddled with myths about menstruation from their family, friends, and relatives. They are not aware that menstruation is a biological and natural process, as a result, they also start believing myths and practice restricting customs imposed upon them and most likely will pass along the same information to their daughters. Since generations, menstruating girls are considered to be impure & unclean. It’s very important for girls to know that Menstruation is not a taboo, disease, sin, curse or a secret. It has the power to create, nurture and transform.
  • Menstruation, although a natural part of a woman’s life remains a topic that is deeply shrouded in secrecy, silence, and shame. This book is an effort to explain our young girls in a creative way about the biology of their bodies, what periods are, why it happens and how it’s a completely natural, important and healthy process. Most importantly it will explain why periods are completely normal and it should not affect their normal day to day life.
  • It has been observed that poor menstrual hygiene and inadequate protection keeps girls away from school for 4-5 days in a month. Educating girls about menstruation helps increase their self-esteem. Every girl should know that menstruation is a very important part of their life and it should not stop them from living the way they want.

Must read for Parents too

  • Parents or anyone reading this book would find it an interesting and informative read. This book is well researched, medically accurate and validated by team of national and international doctors from US and UK. A special doctors’ section in this book includes doctors’ profiles and their valuable advices for our girls.
  • Our daughter’s bodies are maturing faster than ever before, and they reach puberty long before they are emotionally ready for it. They deserve a complete health education that makes them feel comfortable about menstruation rather than feeling shy or awkward. Cartoon characters and engaging storyline of this book make it really easy and comfortable for parents to talk about menstruation with their daughters.
  • Young girls should be well prepared for their first period. They usually get scared and have no information about Menstruation. As a parent, you can gift your daughter this book and also read along with her. It’s a great way to show that you truly care and will stand by her in every phase of her life.