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An invisible virus invaded our lives in the month of March, this year. We have all been in turmoil ever since. The Corona virus uprooted livelihoods of daily wage earners, labourers, slum dwellers; the migrants.  Few weeks into the lockdown, our maids, plumbers, domestic help, rickshaw pullers, and street-side vendors were greatly affected. Almost everyone lost their jobs; the impact of the virus was felt on the economy. Without a source of income and a storm looming over their heads, the migrants were stuck in the city with limited movement. This invisible, unknown virus terrified them, it still does.

In such turbulent times, they cling to the iota of hope that comes their way, but mostly they remain misinformed. They don’t understand the technicalities of social media, they don’t know whom to trust and so they rely on hearsay stories that are more panic-driven, less

Education for the underprivileged children

The Covid-19 pandemic has a drastic impact on the Education system in our country. Unlike the private, reputed and prominent schools that have launched online learning programmes for their students, the underprivileged children from various urban slum communities and rural areas are facing challenges to cope up with studies. There is a huge educational crisis which is compromised over the other needs in the lower and middle –
class families. Parents cannot afford stationery materials for their children for the current academic year. With limited resources such as insufficient electronic gadgets and poor connectivity the children from rural communities are unable to have access to education during the lockdown. It is also observed that in the Government and Zilla Parishad schools, children are provided with mid-day meals which helped increase the enrollment and attendance of the students. Since schools are closed it is a challenge for the teachers to keep a check on the progress of the children.

Education is the right of every child! To help keep the education ongoing for the underprivileged children, we have provided them with Stationery kits including notebooks and study materials such as workbooks according to the Grade. Addition to this, we are providing them with a free Educational App which will be an asynchronous type of learning and also provide them with data pack.

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