With CSR Support, immediate relief was implemented such as provision of essential relief items. The strategy followed the following steps: On the 29th and 30th of July 2021, Spherule Foundation organized an event for Distribution of Dry ration kits and essential items with the CSR support, at Kolhapur, Mahad, Raigadh District. The team ensured COVID-19 guidelines and protocols were followed during the event.

In a non-crisis situation, we actively engage with vulnerable communities and train them to cope with emergencies. With our innovative programs and strategies, we are preparing the vulnerable communities to manage disasters better and minimise the impact of natural disasters. We are working on pandemic, Floods, Fly-over collapse, Rail accident, Storm, Explosion, Fire accident, Bus accident situations.

Rapid Response, respond immediately to families affected by natural disasters with food, water and essential items and also work towards rehabilitation of the affected families. Our emergency responses are timely at appropriate scale and scope, providing high quality programs effectively for the most vulnerable survivors and their families.

Covid 19 First wave

  • Spherule Foundation’s response to the first wave of COVID last year focused on reaching out to the vulnerable communities with dry ration and hygiene kits, raising awareness among the communities and supporting frontline workers, medical and paramedical staff with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Our goal was to provide gender-sensitive public health support and humanitarian assistance to the most vulnerable families so that the impact of the crisis on children, girls and young women is mitigated.
  • At a time when physical distancing has not only become an accepted but also a mandatory norm for survival against COVID-19, Spherule teams are using the means of telecommunication to stay connected with the communities.
  • Together with the partners, the teams are regularly in touch with the Spherule Foundation supported sponsorship families using mobile phones, which provides a useful alternative in the absence of field visits due to the lockdown. The field staff and partner organisations are making hundreds of calls every day to keep themselves abreast about the wellbeing, medical condition and other needs of the families. They also counsel them about the safety and preventive measures around COVID–19. In cases where there are pregnant women or undernourished children, the team enquires about any kind of medical support they may need and orient them on COVID-19 symptoms, spread and its precautions. They also ask about the availability of sufficient food and other basic needs. These phone calls are helping to be on top of the requirements of people and provide them with the required support which includes dry ration and hygiene kits or connecting them to the local medical services.

Covid 19 Second wave

  • Food aid: Supported 10,00,000 poor and vulnerable families affected by the COVID with food baskets to ensure food and nutrition security for 30 days.
  • Mass awareness campaign: With the support of volunteers team in 15 states, raised awareness of how to prevent the spread of COVID including tackling stigma and myths surrounding vaccinations.
  • Protection for COVID warriors. We aims to support 50,000 doctors, nurses, frontline health workers, police personnel, sanitation and other workers with personal protective equipment (PPE) to enable them to continue delivering services to COVID patients.
  • Provides Oxygen concentrators for COVID patients. supplies 50 COVID care and treatment centers in district headquarters and smaller towns with high-flow oxygen concentrator machines to enable them to support COVID patients who require supplemental oxygen.
  • Supporting 10,000 COVID patients from poor and vulnerable communities in 15 states by setting up temporary COVID care centers where they can access care, treatment and nutrition.

Covid Relief Work – Ration Distribution

Covid Relief Work – Education project

Education project amidst Covid

Our Contribution

Distribution of groceries

An invisible virus invaded our lives in the month of March, this year. We have all been in turmoil ever since. The Corona virus uprooted livelihoods of daily wage earners, labourers, slum dwellers; the migrants.  Few weeks into the lockdown, our maids, plumbers, domestic help, rickshaw pullers, and street-side vendors were greatly affected. Almost everyone lost their jobs; the impact of the virus was felt on the economy. Without a source of income and a storm looming over their heads, the migrants were stuck in the city with limited movement. This invisible, unknown virus terrified them, it still does.

In such turbulent times, they cling to the iota of hope that comes their way, but mostly they remain misinformed. They don’t understand the technicalities of social media, they don’t know whom to trust and so they rely on hearsay stories that are more panic-driven, less

Education for the underprivileged children

The Covid-19 pandemic has a drastic impact on the Education system in our country. Unlike the private, reputed and prominent schools that have launched online learning programmes for their students, the underprivileged children from various urban slum communities and rural areas are facing challenges to cope up with studies. There is a huge educational crisis which is compromised over the other needs in the lower and middle –
class families. Parents cannot afford stationery materials for their children for the current academic year. With limited resources such as insufficient electronic gadgets and poor connectivity the children from rural communities are unable to have access to education during the lockdown. It is also observed that in the Government and Zilla Parishad schools, children are provided with mid-day meals which helped increase the enrollment and attendance of the students. Since schools are closed it is a challenge for the teachers to keep a check on the progress of the children.

Education is the right of every child! To help keep the education ongoing for the underprivileged children, we have provided them with Stationery kits including notebooks and study materials such as workbooks according to the Grade. Addition to this, we are providing them with a free Educational App which will be an asynchronous type of learning and also provide them with data pack.

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