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Education Project

Education is not a privilege. It is a human right and should be accessible to all without discrimination. In the context of the challenges of poverty and deprivation, children and youth living in the slums and marginalized communities are surrounded by experiences of academic failures, societal pressure for marriages in the early age groups, domestic violence and susceptibility to addiction and delinquency. More than 80% of the students in India, study in the government schools, while the rest 20% study in private and international schools. As these students do not get proper guidance and encouragement or quality education; they drop out of school and are forced to do petty jobs.

At Spherule Foundation, the solution is designed based on the needs of students of urban slums as they need Sensitive teaching to make a connection. Unlike other children most of urban slum kids witness child abuse, domestic violence and many other kinds of exploitation on a regular basis. We also focus on subjects like English, Mathematics and Science as these children lack these major subjects Also, ‘Before/After/During School classes and the Foundation/ Bridge course helps these students in academics along with extra-curricular activities for a holistic development. Quality education through digital and traditional methods is the essence of the project. Educators at Spherule mentor, encourage and guide students through various sessions and workshops.

Activities and accomplishments in the Education vertical at Spherule Foundation:

  • Developed cloud based ‘InstaShala Digital Learning’ platform for government school students and teachers.
  • Distributed stationery kits to more than 10000 students PAN India during the pandemic and post pandemic.
  • Liaising with the Government, which is a major stakeholder in all our Education projects, and forming strong SMCs in the government schools.
  • Conducting Foundation classes in the communities & forming remedial groups.
  • Assistance in Mathematics, Science and English.
  • Mental Health and counseling sessions for students in schools and communities.
  • Awareness sessions on Conservation of the Environment, Good touch Bad touch, Menstrual Health & Hygiene, WASH, Sports, Nutrition -healthy eating habits, Internet use/misuse, Self and Social awareness, etc.
  • Setting up of STEM labs, Digital Classroom & Fun playground in the Municipal Corporation schools at Pune.
  • Teacher training on Technical skills, Capacity building & understanding child psychology.
  • Forming strong SMCs.
  • Interaction with parents.
  • Organizing competitions and events like Science Day, Sports competition, Exhibitions, Rallies, Street plays etc at schools and communities.

National Science Day event at our community centres and schools at Delhi, Pune, Ratnagiri, Nandurbar & Kolkata)

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