Gender Equality

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Gender Equality

Gender equality or Sexual equality is the rudimentary human right. Irrespective of a preference or by birth all binary and non -binary humans deserve to be treated fair and just. It is of paramount importance to end the multiple forms of gender violence and secure equal access to quality education and health, economic resources and participation in political life for both women and girls and men and boys. It is also essential to achieve equal opportunities in access to employment and to positions of leadership and decision-making at all levels. We at Spherule Foundation take this task of Gender Equality at heart. We have various programs and initiatives to take this upheaval task, we have

Domestic Violence

Spherule Foundation has been keenly working in creating awareness for the equal right and right to safe life by organizing sessions in corporations. We do counselling for the women affected by DV and also provide them necessary skills and opportunities to sustain themselves financially and socially.

Gender Equality at Workplace

It is imperative to understand the causes and effects of gender equality at Workplace and the Spherule Foundation understands the conundrum faced by women at workplace. Women are always underrepresented in Management or at any level in various industries. With the unconventional and orthodox mindset of the society, women are still struggling to mark their presence at the workplace.
The gender Inequality at workplace can take many forms as Unequal Pay, Disparity in promotions, and disequilibrium in the women representation at decision making levels, sexual harassment at workplace and it presents itself in more nuanced ways, like fewer opportunities or women who are mothers and result in higher incidence of burnout in women.

Spherule foundation does lots of awareness sessions in various corporations and communities for educating everyone about unconscious gender bias. We conduct sessions and workshops for Senior Management about having Diverse Recruitment in the team, providing equal learning opportunities and training to all. One can provide the flexible working hours or work from home options, many corporations are encouraged to have the day care facilities in their premises for working women and introduce other comprehensive benefits to have work-life balance. Implementation of Gender Neutral anti sexual harassment policies in the organization by creating safe and congenial work environment. Through our Poshhhelp a spinoff of the Spherule Foundation we enable that companies are PoSH Compliant and the ordnance is followed at all levels and diligently.