Menstrual Health Management

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Menstrual Health Management

Under our core activities, Spherule Foundation has worked extensively to end the Period Poverty, Predominantly creating awareness around the much Hush-hush social taboo. We have been conducting various awareness sessions in the schools, marginalized communities, Factories etc.

Sanitary pads/ Menstrual Cups

To support our endeavour of creating and providing the safe Period for all , we have indigenously launched a Napkin called Stri Napkin which s high quality pad made affordable at most affordable price. Spherule foundation has won many accolades in this travail journey. We have created a Guinness world record for creating awareness on Menstrual Health and Hygiene and also had been awarded for work in this by a renowned Bollywood actor.

2) Education: Education is the key to an individual’s personality and growth and well-being. We at the spherule foundation to end the disparity amongst the quality of education imparted to all the children irrespective of their caste creed, religion, geographic location and income provide the fundamental right to education. Through our InstaShalla app and various community centres and also at government schools across India.