Reviving Livelihood

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India faced massive unemployment during the covid pandemic. One of the worst hit sectors was the impact of the unorganized sector, firstly due to sudden countrywide lockdown and then economic crisis. While some of them managed to get back to work, many are yet to recover, like roadside shop owners, beauty parlors, vegetable vendors, etc., as they took loans to survive and had to sell their equipment or whatever assets they had to repay.

  • The Coronavirus pandemic has wrecked the lives and livelihoods of millions of people in India, especially those in major cities in urban areas, who had once left their hometown/villages in search for work here.
  • Self-employed workers and casual wage workers are most affected with 84% and 81% losing their employment, respectively.
  • A total of 89% of the urban households reported that they would not be able to pay rent for the following month.

With this program,

Every person has a dream of starting their own venture someday. Here, our field executives carefully conduct baseline surveys to understand the stories, backgrounds and dreams of such individuals who have lost their livelihood during the pandemic. We understand what skills and experience does an individual have that will help him to provide for his family and eventually generate good income.
Through this program, we approach individuals and CSR partners for funding the initial capital required for such individuals, which usually ranges from INR 5,000 to 25,000. Post the funding, we keep a track of how they are performing with their venture, and also train the beneficiaries to use digital and financial tools, which can help to grow their business.
We have supported many types of ventures through this program like grocery shops, tailoring units, fish sellers, fruit sellers, ornament shops, electricians, beauty parlors etc.
The zeal in their eyes and smiles on their faces say a lot about their will to restart their livelihood. Of course even after the pandemic, there will still be a need to revive livelihoods due to other reasons like natural calamities, personal & financial problems etc., and we, at Spherule Foundation, will only strive to help such individuals, one breath at a time.