Sexual Harassment at Workplace

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Sexual Harassment at WorkPlace

Sexual harassment at workplace is an act or a pattern of behaviour that compromises physical, emotional or financial safety and security of a woman worker. Though this law covers women workers, we encourage employers to implement it in a gender neutral way.

It’s mandatory to comply with this law still more than 70% of organizations have not implemented it yet. No organization having 10 or more employees are exempted and even schools, colleges, hostels, malls, hospitals,restaurants etc need to comply with this ACT.

With this program,

Our 100+ volunteers helping us in creating this awareness on ground. They not only discuss with employers the legal aspect of this ACT but also explain to them how it will help them to create a more safe and productive environment.

Spherule Foundation also provide end to end solution to comply organizations with Anti Sexual Harassment Policy (POSH Act). We help with, POSH Policy Drafting, Employee Sensitization Programs, Management Onboarding, Training of Employees & Managers, Internal Committee Formation and Training, External Member impanelment, Audits, Quarterly IC meetings and Annual POSH report filing.