WASH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene)

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Hygiene is a major component in WASH and is given importance in recent times to prevent the spread of diseases spreading through contaminated water and poor sanitation.
A positive change in hygiene behaviour is difficult to achieve, particularly in the short term, as it is a very personal matter and influenced by many cultural and social aspects. Hygiene should therefore be addressed simultaneously at different levels (household, community and schools) to increase its chance of success. Hygiene—specifically handwashing with soap—is one of the most important interventions for human health and development and is a universal necessity.
Through a close collaboration with local communities, volunteers, CSR partners, youth and children we can ensure this project is sustainable and efficient.

Activities in WASH

We have conducted a number of awareness campaigns at schools and communities to spread awareness about WASH. As children are the potential change makers, we focus on educating them about the importance of WASH at school, in the community and neighbourhood. We also engage the students in rallies and clean up drives, etc.
We have been able to set a benchmark for government schools across districts by achieving the award for the Cleanest school in the district of Ratnagiri.