Women Empowerment and Entrepreneurship

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Women Empowerment & Entrepreneurship Program (WEEP)

Women empowerment in India is dependent up to a great extent on numerous different variables that encompass geographical setting (urban/rural), social status (caste and class), educational status, and age factor. Actions on women empowerment exist at the state, local (panchayat), and national levels. However, women encounter differentiation in most sectors like education, economic opportunities, health and medical assistance, where we try to fill the gap.

We have several programs related to skilling and educating women in different domains. Our major success has been educating the women in menstrual health and use of organic sanitary pads, where the women are taught packaging and selling of our brand of sanitary napkins named ‘Stree’. Other skilling programs include Healthy Cooking classes, tailoring and stitching, along with literacy of the digital and financial world, where we teach women the importance and uses of a smartphone, which can benefit their micro ventures in the long run.

With this program,

  • We educate and bring awareness among women in rural and slum areas.
  • Also, this gives an opportunity for women to be an entrepreneur, by engaging with Spherule, they can develop a community in their area to educate, sell and distribute organic sanitary napkins, where for every napkin packet a woman sells, she earns upto Rs 40. The ‘Stri’ napkins are cheaper, affordable and very high grade at par to any leading brand’s premium products in India.
  • The skilling classes are run for several weeks in the communities, where we teach women different skill sets like cooking of heathy food, stitching and tailoring etc. We have seen a considerable rise in the incomes of women who have attended our classes.
  • The digital and financial literacy sessions, along with basics of entrepreneurship are taught as well, where women can use the smartphone to market and sell their business. We also teach some uses of social media and other free apps and money management tools that can be used to run their business more efficiently.

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