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Women Empowerment & Entrepreneurship Program (WEEP)

In India 70% of women are suffering from reproductive tract infections because they don’t use sanitary napkins. Using clothes and other things during Period causes infections, which lead to many diseases including infertility and cervical cancer.

Few reasons on why sanitary napkins are not used/popular in remote areas, villages and small cities include

  • Myths and misconceptions related to their usage
  • Most of the shopkeepers are men, women are hesitant to buy from such shops
  • Good quality sanitary napkins are very expensive thus not affordable

With this program,

  • We plan to educate and bring awareness among women in rural and slum areas.
  • Also, this give an opportunity for women to be an entrepreneur, by engaging with Spherule, they can develop a community in their area to educate, sell and distribute napkins, for every napkin packet a woman sells, she earns 5 rupees.
  • As women drive this initiative, it’s easier for women in rural and slum areas to come out and buy sanitary napkins, they can also discuss their problems and get knowledge of how to use them etc.
  • We train women representatives in each area so they can teach, educate and empower women in their area, answer their day to day questions on menstrual cycles and problems.
  • The ‘Stri’ napkins are cheaper, affordable and very high grade at par to any leading brand’s premium products in India. Our Sanitary Napkin costs 25 Rs a pack of 7 premium quality napkins.
  • By cutting off distributors and advertisers and using social distribution channels, we are able to bring down the cost of high quality napkins, making it affordable to the general masses.

Pie in the Sky

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